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Design Services

At Shadeport we offer an extensive design service which uses computer modelling software to generate 3D imagery to so you know exactly how your new shade project will look before a single hole is dug.

This software can also track accurate shadow information for different times of the day and year so you can see how the design will complement your space.

At Shadeport we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a completely personalised design service which takes into account your individual projects budget and needs.

Summer Vs Winter Shade:

At Shadeport our projects are designed with the sun's natural movements in mind.

In the summer months shade gets projected directly under the structure and slightly offsert to the east and west in the morning and evening respectively. During winter the shade is projected slightly south allowing some sun in the warm up your outdoor space while the height of the structure still reduces direct glare.

Generally it is desired to place the low point of any structure towards the north to allow maximum shade protection to your proposed site.

Design Ideas:

Shadecloth is an incredibly versatile material that can be shaped and moulded into almost any form you can imagine from the typical flowing sail arrangement to barrels, cones, tents and twisted organic forms.

If its something unique you're after we would love to work with you to design a structure that can become and architectural showpiece on your site.

Check out the Portfolio section of this site for some inspiration and idea's from the various jobs we've covered over our 12 years in the industry. From ampitheatres, poolhouses, agricultural sheds and custom seating and landscaping designs.

Accurate Shadow Studies

At Shadeport our projects are designed with the sun's natural movement path in mind to provide your site with the most functional shade possible. In the summer months shade will generally be projected directly below the structure and offset east and west in the morning and evening respectively. In the winter months this shadow will be projected slightly further south of the structure allowing some sun in to warm up your space in the cold months while still reducing direct glare from the height of the structure. We can generate accurate vide...