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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

Shade cloth is not completely waterproof. But it will give about 80% rain protection, however water will still seep through during a large downpour.

Depending on the placement and pitch of the cloth shade sails can be designed to deflect heavier downpours if required.

If compete rain protection is needed Shadeport offers a range of waterproof fabrics from Rainbow Shade's Dri-Z range to PVC cloth options. Talk to our expert sales rep's for more information on how we can cater a design for your individual project.

How Long Does a Project Take To Complete?

Typically once you have placed an order your project will take from 2 weeks for smaller projects and up to 8 weeks to complete a larger project.

A typical project involves installing posts on site, manufacturing the sail and installing the sail & fitting on site.

What Are The Advantages of Choosing a Shade Sail Over a Pergola?

Sails offer a sleek modern aesthetic design to your outdoor area. Sails also offer the advantage of letting hot air rise through the material retaining a cool area underneath.

Shade structures also help to maintain the open outdoor feel of a space rather than the closed in constructred feel a regular pergola would.

I'm In A Windy Area, Is a Shade Sail Suitable?

Shadeport designs our structures to handle some of the worst conditions possible. Generally poles are sunk up to 1500mm below ground level to make sure they sustain the strong gale force winds Victoria has to offer.

If you are in an area where conditions are worse than normal we will make sure your structure is designed to handle those specific conditons.

Can I Choose To Have Wooden Posts Instead?

No, wooden poles cannot handle the tension of shade sails and are susceptable to rotting.

The galvansised steel posts supplied by Shadeport are designed to maintain their strength for the life of the sail and will never rust. These posts can be powdercoated to literally any colour you can imagine to match your projects requirements.

Are Shade Sails Easy To Clean?

Once shade sails are installed they can be cleaned from underneath using a high pressure cleaner.

Shadeport also offers a comprehensive maintenance service where we take the sail down and wash both sides with a high-pressure cleaner. At this stage we can also repair minor damage the sail may have sustained to keep it looking brand new.

Please check out Maintenance setion or call us to discuss how we can help you.

Is It Safe To Connect Sails To My Building or House?

A popular option is to connect shade sails or structures to corners to an exiting building or house to save on posts an installation costs.

While this is very posible it should be noted that shade sails require significant engineering to prevent wind causing the sail to break out of its fittings and possibly damage the existing building or injuring people around when the sail comes loose.

Each project is treated as a case by case basis and we will assess the viability of connecting to your building or house as part of your free measure and quote.

Generally sails can be connected to strong exiting masonry or steel frame structures, however single brick veneer buildings don't offer enough strength to hold a sail. If the location you wish to connect your new sail to is not structurally sound we can supply cusom made steel wall brackets fitted or bolted onto nearby structural elements in your building to make your project possible.

Do You Require Council Permits to Install A Shade Sail?

Im mosts cases council permits are not required to install a shade sail, however this should be checked on a case by case basic before installation commences.

Waterproof structures do require permits.

Will Sails Keep Their Tension?

Conventional shadecloth does offer some protection from light rain but it is not completely waterproof.

It is the porous quality of conventional shade cloth that allows hot air to rise creating a cool cushion of air underneath.

If a waterproof stucture is required there are many options for alternative materials to achieve this including Dri-Z and PVC materials. Please see our fabrics section for more information of these materials and there properties

I Have an Irregular Shaped Area, Is A Shade Sail Appropriate?

Shade sails are an excellent option for irregular shaped area's as they can be designed to fit any size or shape.

A sail can have multiple corners to allow it to completely cover oddly shaped areas and peaks can be brought to narrow points to reach hard to build in areas.

Shadeport offers an extensive design service which generates 3D imagery of your proposed shade project so no matter how intricate the design you'll know exactly what your getting before an work commences.